Atomic Contest
Prizes for the People!
  • Hey what could be better news than the launch of our new site... Atomic Contest! Stay tuned for more news!



Marketing with Style...

Let's face it... people love free stuff, and people love winning free stuff even more (it's kind of like a caffeine high). Why settle for just an ordinary online marketing campaign? Atomic Contest designs stimulating campaigns that people want to click!

Using banners alone gains little visibility. Your potential customer glances at it for a few seconds and then moves on. So, how do you capture their interest? Why not offer them a little interactive entertainment that just so happens to highlight what you have to offer and comes with the added enticement of the potential to win free prizes. Mmmm.

A contest compels visitors to spend time viewing your brand. Better yet, you can gain valuable marketing data at the same time. Whether you want a "plain jane" contest or tricked out flash graphics and streaming video, Atomic Contest will deliver a hot, tasty web presence just the way you like it.

We take care of design, hosting, data-storage, and delivery—everything your contest needs to wake up potential customers. We can even design banners promoting your contest. Give your new audience a free shot of espresso for buying that latte! Heck, throw in some syrup to add more flavor. Consider Atomic Contest your high-energy web barista, and yes, we make a dang good cappuccino.